[ o w t k r i ]


Kenneth Kovasin (b.1981 Helsinki, Finland) is an electronic musician, who works under the pseudonym [ówt krì] (Dark Ambient / Industrial) and BRYSKT (Harsh Noise). 
Past projects include Aluminum Foil (Industrial Techno / Glitch / Noise).and Iridium.REV (Electronic / Doom / Techno).

[ówt krì] has performed over forty concerts at domestic and international venues, released two CD albums on American labels and multiple cassette and web releases. In 2022 [ówt krì] started a collaboration with singer/songwriter Edvin Sora, accompanying him for live performances.
Aluminum Foil has supported Desert M on tour in early 2017.
BRYSKT was formed in 2020 as a pandemic project. In addition to a few tape-releases BRYSKT has also concentrated on an YouTube video series "Make noise with Bryskt".

Kenneth is one of the founding members of Frekvenssi Ry, an association meant to promote experimental music and soundart in Finland.
He is also an event curator working under the banner Aural Ataraxia in close co-operation with Finlands first sound gallery Akusmata. Kenneth has been part of arranging Experi-MENTAL Festival Helsinki at Harju Youthcenter and Aksumata Sound Festival at Sound gallery Akusmata.
In addition he has curated and hosted numerous club evenings at Akusmata.
Aural Ataraxia concentrates mainly on experimental and electronic music that is not widely covered in the Helsinki region.

As an instrument builder Kenneth has experimented with electronic kits but mostly focuses on string instruments and is turning more over to obscure, non-traditional, solutions.
In 2020 Kenneth built his first daxophone according to instructions by Hans Reichel. This prompted his Exhibition "From Bow to Stem - A Daxophone study" in August 2020 at Akusmata.

Kenneth is also a former writer of the now defunct webzine Damned By Light where he conducted interviews and wrote reviews for numerous bands spanning genres from contemporary classical to harsh noise.